About Us

Since 2015 our company is online jewelry store in Turkey. Every year we are delivering more than 30.000 pieces of jewelry to their owners all over the world. We offer our products exclusively online and do not sell them in the retail stores.

Story of our founder

My name is Mert Dogru, from 2010 I've been designing jewelry in 3D. Several years later I started making rings as a jeweler. The story begun on April 2015. My father's birthday was coming and I decided to present him a gift made by me. Due to my job specification I was working with some jewelry masters at that time and asked them to help. With their help, in 2 months I learned how to craft jewelry and created my first ring. I was very happy to have the chance to do that. It was a great experience for me. Sometimes love to our loved ones pushes us to unexpected actions that can change our lives. I got many compliments for that ring and decided to improve myself and continue crafting. After that I worked hard for about 2 years and now I have my own JFM collection designed and produced by me.