How to take care of silver jewelry?

Everyone has something of silver jewelry. Silver is durable, shiny and goes with everything. It is one of the most popular materials for jewelry. Even so, many neglect these beautiful silver trinkets.

When oxygen or sulfur comes into contact with silver, a chemical reaction takes place on its surface, which causes discoloration, dirt and stains. Fortunately, taking care of silver is very easy. You just need a few facts and tips. And you will enjoy the flawless shine of your silver jewelry for a long time!

In this article, we will tell you how to clean silver with home remedies and give you the best practices and tips.

Prophylaxis, or how to avoid cleaning jewelry

And here's a curiosity! By wearing your jewelry often, you take care of it. Thanks to natural oils, our skin cleans silver and gives it shine. Additionally, avoid contact with household chemicals, sweat, chlorine, items containing sulfur (wool, latex, mayonnaise :) eggs).

Make it a habit to take off your jewelry while doing housework, and you won't have to worry about it. Also take off jewelry if it can be exposed to prolonged sun rays. I know, I know ... Delicate jewelry on vacation, when we spend all days on the beach, seems to be a basic accessory. For the time of sunbathing or swimming in the sea, it is better to leave the silver elements in the bag.

Wear jewelry last. Perfumes and cosmetics accelerate silver tarnishing.

How to store silver

Silver is best stored in such a way that it has as little contact with oxygen as possible. String pouches work best here, although they do not look as good as a casket or a wooden box - but it's up to you to decide. Also remember that by storing many items in one bag or box, they are exposed to scratches.

LIFEHACK - put a piece of chalk in a box or casket to lower humidity and minimize tarnish.

Silver cleaning

If you are wondering how to clean silver, we have some tips for you. Soft cloths, flannel, microfiber - YES. Kitchen towels and handkerchiefs - NO. They contain fibers that can scratch jewelry. You can also get special cleaning and polishing cloths for silver. When polishing, move the cloth back and forth, avoiding circular motions - they aggravate small scratches. If you have very valuable, old or fragile accessories, it is better to take them to a jeweler and ask for professional cleaning.

If polishing with a soft cloth is not enough to remove the tarnish, you can make your own, economical and ecological cleaner. However, it should be remembered that jewelry with stones should not be cleaned in this way. Chemical compounds can seriously damage them.


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