What is for Valentine's Day?

There are many occasions throughout the year to give a loved one a special gift. But none is as special as Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a joyful day worth celebrating in a beautiful way. So what to give a loved one for Valentine's Day? Flowers, chocolate, romantic dinner ... and jewelry too! Thanks to it, you can express not only love, but also friendship, devotion and gratitude. The most important thing when choosing the right gift is to match it with the personality of your loved one, memories associated with them, as well as the features that characterize what you have in common.


Valentine's Day gives a great opportunity to the most popular of the designs loved by many! This popular design calls for an engraving to make it more special! Many jewelry designs allow you to include a special message in them - get carried away by your imagination and choose something that will move your loved one to tears! Of course, there are universal themes, or those typically intended for Valentine's Day - the heart or infinity theme is an obvious choice, wrapped in the warmth of love and commitment! It will definitely work as a gift for Valentine's Day - be it in the form of a necklace or a bracelet. Or maybe you'd rather make it a bit more unique? If so, all you have to do is to match it with a unique theme and hide a unique message in it! Are you passionate about food? Choose a bracelet or necklace with a pendant in the shape of your favorite delicacy! Do you love sport? A bicycle bracelet, snooker earrings, a necklace with a ballerina - in JFW you will find a lot of motifs that will create the perfect gift. Show your partner that you really know her!


HEART The most popular of jewelry designs and loved by many! The heart is a very universal symbol of love - perfect for almost any occasion - for a loved one, mother, sister or friend. This popular pattern calls for an engraving to make it more special!

engraved heart necklace

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INFINITY A theme that symbolizes indestructible feelings, durability and devotion. Perfect as a charm in the bracelets for couples. The infinity sign took the shape of a horizontally overturned eight - originally it was a circle. The idea behind this symbol is that a given loop has neither a beginning nor an end - which makes it continuous. It is worth using such a beautiful theme as a declaration of feelings!

solid silver earrings women

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ZODIAC SIGNS Themes that suit every person. What is more beautiful than jewelry that received its shining figure straight from the stars? Each of the Zodiac Signs is unique in its own way. And embellished with a special engraving, it creates a gift out of this world!

zodiac jewelry women

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CLOVER A universal symbol of a good luck. Surely everyone at least once in their childhood has gone in search of a four-leaf clover, which is supposed to ward off evil spells. Clover is a perfect theme for a gift, especially when we want to let someone know that we are keeping our fingers crossed for them! The symbol of this plant for Valentine's Day can mean that your partner is your greatest source of happiness!

 clover jewelry

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LETTERS A letter symbol can hide anything - a name, a favorite thing, a passion, even a quote ... It is one of the most personal gifts, perfect for sending a secret message. Both the bracelet and the necklace with the letter are characterized by extraordinary beauty. Choose the design according to the taste of your loved one - shiny or minimalist and give it an unusual meaning!

personalized necklace gift for sister

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