Gems suitable for Taurus men

What stones are suitable for a Taurus man by date of birth? Astrologers believe that a lot of stones are suitable for men the representatives of this zodiac sign.

The stone talisman for a Taurus man should enhance the qualities and aspects of life, which are traditionally customary to delegate to men, make them stronger in their careers, in business, in the family, in achievements.

Aquamarines will help Taurus men find faithful friends and reliable business partners, and build relationships with people. Aquamarine for Taurus is also a stone for strengthening family ties.

Astrologers consider the most effective male talisman for Taurus to be a precious sapphire. It will strengthen masculinity, it is a stone of benefactors, decency, fidelity and spiritual purity. Sapphire also evokes sympathy and trust in you from others, relatives and colleagues.

Amethyst will fill every day with optimism if worn regularly in a ring. Amethyst is considered a very beneficial male talisman according to the horoscope. If you have an amethyst with you, you can remain sober and negotiate with a cool head, defending your interests in business and career.

Men can also wear diamonds, garnets and topaz. The stone can accompany its owner as without a rim, but then you need to take it out as often as possible and hold it in your hand in order to establish contact with the amulet, or set it into a piece of jewelry, for example, a ring, a pendant.

What stone should Taurus avoid?

In addition to the recommended stones for the sign, astrologers distinguish a number of unfavorable varieties, which in some cases can be dangerous for Taurus. They are considered contraindications for regular wear for both women and men.

Amber is considered an absolutely forbidden stone for Taurus. If you have jewelry with amber, it is better to get rid of them. The best way is to present this jewelry with the best wishes to a loved one, for whom amber will serve as a good service as an amulet.

Also, try to reduce contact with stones such as pink topaz and ruby. Ruby has excessive energy, according to esotericists, and can harm Taurus, especially women. It makes its owners aggressive, awakens primitive instincts, selfishness and possessiveness.

However, as astrologers write, for some atypical Taurus, wearing jewelry with a ruby ​​can bring prosperity. Therefore, the ruby ​​is a controversial stone for Taurus, the only way to understand if this gem is right for you is to rely on your intuition and trust your inner voice.

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