Jewelry engraving ideas

The vast majority of purchased jewelry can be personalized in the form of engraving. The most frequently chosen ones are as following: date (first meeting or anniversary), lovers' names or initials, confessions of love, geographic coordinates (place of the first meeting or wedding) etc.

Engravings are made with the use of specialized lasers, thanks to which they are durable and aesthetic looking. By enriching your jewelry with the engraving, you can easily give it a personalized character.

Best Engraving Quotes for Inspiration

Best Engraving Quotes for Congratulations

  • Never a doubt
  • So proud of you
  • A job well done
  • You did it

Best Engraving Quotes for Thanks

  • My gratitude
  • I’ll never forget
  • Words can’t express
  • Words are not enough
  • Many thanks
  • Forever in your debt

Best Engraving Quotes for Fathers

  • Dad, My First Hero
  • Always your little boy/girl
  • You inspire me
  • World’s best dad
  • All That I am, I owe to you
  • Dad, Love You Always

Best Engraving Quotes for anniversaries and Valentine's Day

  • Forever yours
  • For all time
  • Life partner
  • Love conquers all
  • Each day is a gift
  • Love means forever
  • Always and forever
  • You’re still the one
  • Let’s grow old together
  • Our love is timeless

Best Engraving Quotes for Weddings

  • I do.
  • To have and to hold
  • To the moon and back
  • My one and only
  • Happily ever after
  • Written in the stars
  • Longitude and Latitude

Among that many jewelry design options, here is sure to be the one you are looking for. You can order your perfect piece of jewelry here at We will personalize it just for you, taking into account all your preferences!


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