How To Wear Signet Rings?

Jewelry for men - how to wear it successfully? Most often this is achieved by people who have their own, well-thought-out and conscious style, in which accessories are a coherent complement. However, in order to really choose your jewelry wisely and not to make styling mistakes, you need to know a bit about the rules. 

How To Wear A Signet Ring - Helpful Tips

The desired effect of the masculine style is dignity and confidence. How to wear a signet ring? Consciously. It is worth having a specific goal of putting on the ring. This allows you to build a well-thought-out style that hides something more than aesthetics.
Formerly, a signet ring was an ancestral ring and was a way to emphasize your identity and belonging to a given family. Today, making such rings is rare. However, their inheritance sometimes happens. A man belonging to the family to which the signet belongs has the full right to wear it.
Decorative rings are much more common today, for example with precious stones or patriotic ones, with national symbols. They also carry values ​​and allow you to identify with them.

How To Wear A Signet Ring - Gold or Silver

Consistency is important in men's jewelry. How to wear a signet ring - it's only classy. The gold will be perfect for elegant attire for formal occasions. For everyday styling, it is better to choose silver. It is worth remembering that the signet should match other accessories, such as a belt buckle or chain bracelets. When they are gold, the ring should also be like that. In the case of silver-colored accessories, it is worth considering the purchase of a white gold signet ring. It is more durable and aesthetic than silver.
On which hand to wear a ring? It used to be up to the region. In European countries, it was the little finger of the right or left hand. There are currently no strict guidelines on how to wear a signet ring. A man can put it on at his discretion.


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