Capricorn men and their gems

It is generally accepted that any sign of the zodiac has strengths and weaknesses of the personality. Astrology suggests carrying a lucky stone with you - a talisman, to adjust the energy and connect the missing qualities that contribute to success and prosperity. This article is devoted to various aspects of the selection of such a charm for Capricorn.

By date of birth, Capricorn men and boys are recommended stones-talismans, which are designed to improve communication, help in business and at work, establish useful connections, and improve the situation in society. These stones enhance active personality traits, direct the focus of attention from internal experiences to active external ones. From all precious and semiprecious stones, male amulets include mineral varieties of the tourmaline and garnet. The latter, by the way, not only gives self-confidence, but also helps in love. If you haven’t met the narrowed one yet, carry a red faceted garnet with you, in jewelry (for example, in a ring, pin or cufflinks) or just as a lucky amulet. Even if your marital status changes, this talisman, accompanying you constantly, will help you masterfully bypass pitfalls in long-term relationships and keep your feelings.

Another wonderful stone talisman for Capricorn men is the tourmaline of different colors. Any stone color that attracts you will suit you. Red, purple and violet tourmalines are necessary for Capricorns of creative professions: artists, architects, art historians, designers. It is believed that it brings inspiration, helps to create new things, enhances the feeling of beauty. Rubellites reveal abilities and talents. Green and blue tourmalines protect against force majeure, accidents and ill-wishers. Green tourmaline, in addition, is considered a stone of wealth and prosperity.

The recommendations of astrologers are only recommendations, and in no case are they a direct guide to action. They point to the generalized experience of centuries, but your particular case may be the exception to the rule. So trust your inner voice.

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