Aries men and their gemstones

Stones-talismans, according to astrology, support us and lead us through life. For people born under the sign of Aries, a number of precious and semiprecious stones and their jewelry varieties are also distinguished, suitable for this sign in terms of energy and depending on certain celestial bodies that patronized the sign at the time of birth.

According to the horoscope, stones are suitable for Aries men, activating the typically male aspects of life: career, development, innovation, achievement. Gems for the Aries man include rubies and garnets.

So, for the prosperity of working affairs and business relations, it is recommended to wear a green garnet, it can be demantoid or grossular tsavorite.

The ruby ​​gem will help you develop and manifest as a leader, and it will also help you get rid of the fear of public speaking by instilling confidence in yourself. Ruby is also an ancient symbol of power, it will help to gain credibility among colleagues and partners. In a relationship with a loved one, it kindles passion and helps to return fading feelings.

Red garnets contribute to career growth and personal development, these stones are good talismans for the Aries man, suitable for the date of birth, they will guide him in love and marriage, allowing him to bypass pitfalls in relationships.

Unsuitable stones for Aries

In addition to favorable stones for Aries, astrology reports about unsuitable stones, which, as a rule, have poor compatibility with the sign.

So, Aries is not recommended wearing a moonstone, transparent light aquamarine, white round pearls. Black tourmaline and black opal should also be avoided. Green tourmaline makes Aries more aggressive and jealous.

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