Emerald: May Birthstone Meaning

The unique green of the emerald is difficult to describe in words, perhaps that is why a separate term was created - "emerald green". This color, full of element and depth, has dynamism and mystery, thanks to which these original stones have delighted with their beauty for centuries.

General Characteristics

Emerald is a type of beryllium mineral with a rich, velvety green color, sometimes even with a slight bluish tinge. Pure beryllium is colorless and takes on color when its structure contains elements responsible for a given color. The green color of the emerald is due to the presence of chromium in it.

Name and History

The name derives from the Greek word smaragdus, which is derived from the Persian name meaning green stone. Cleopatra's emerald mines on Egypt's Red Sea already existed around 2000 B.C. most of the ancient "green stones" probably originate from them.

Healing Properties

Some believe that the emerald brings love to our lives, heals a broken heart, restores harmony, hope and self-confidence. In addition, it has calming properties (also through its color), thanks to which it restores peace and joy in our lives. The emerald stone strengthens intuition, interpersonal communication and truthfulness. It brings comfort to those who seek the truth, protects against negative thoughts. It strengthens memory and supports more effective use of mental abilities through better concentration on the goal and action. Emerald in combination with silver or copper has the best effect, therefore it is recommended to wear silver jewelry with an emerald rather than the stone itself. The strongest effect of the emerald stone can be observed in the spring.

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