Gems suitable for Cancer men

The amulets of the Cancer zodiac sign are a series of lucky stones recommended by astrologers, which have a very favorable effect on this sign, bring good luck, prosperity and protect against troubles and difficulties in life. They are considered mascot stones for Cancers according to the horoscope. Each stone has characteristics and magical properties that can positively affect a person and his energy.

For Cancer men, several gems are suitable, which, according to astrologers, enhance the "masculine" character traits and attract circumstances conducive to career growth, business prosperity, family well-being and successful personal development.

One such auspicious birthdate gemstone for Cancer is sapphire. This gem-quality variety of corundum mineral comes in different colors and shades. Pay your attention to the "cold" colors: blue, light blue, green. This stone primarily promotes spiritual growth and progressive self-awareness. Sapphire inspires confidence among others, helps build business relationships with partners at work.

Also, blue topaz is suitable for a Cancer man, it will ensure the success and prosperity of your business.

Another effective talisman for Cancers is emerald, the most valuable type of beryl mineral. Emerald protects from troubles, helps to relax and recuperate after the experienced excitement. Also, the emerald helps Cancers get out of their comfort zone in order to achieve more.

What stones should Cancer avoid?

Since Cancer as a sign of the zodiac belongs to the element of Water, he should be wary of the stones of the fire element. These are stones of bright red, deep orange, intense yellow colors, as well as black and brown minerals. Opt for lighter, more soothing shades.

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