Gems suitable for Gemini men

Choosing amulets and charms for Gemini men according to the horoscope, astrologers answer the questions, which stones are suitable for men, which ones make them more courageous, help solve career and financial issues, take place in the profession and find the right business partners?

First of all, the mineral beryl and its varieties: emerald, heliodor, noble green beryl are considered a favorable stone for men and young men.

These stones have a positive effect not only on relationships with others, peace of mind and normalization of the nervous system, but also affect physical fitness, helping to become stronger and more energetic. Of course, without vigorous activity and payloads in the gym or at home, beryl will not work.

Citrine is a wonderful birthstone for Gemini men. This is a kind of yellow quartz - it will support its owner in creative endeavors, in addition, the yellow color symbolizes the Sun, prosperity, wealth, both in monetary terms and in spiritual terms. Citrine helps to get rid of selfishness, makes a person generous, not only in terms of money, but also in the sense that he has enough of everything with surplus, and he wants to share with others, joy, attention, kindness.

What stones should Gemini avoid?

First of all, black and dark brown stones are not suitable for Gemini. Moreover, varieties of quartz such as morion and rauchtopaz (smoky quartz) are prohibited for Gemini. It is also necessary to remember about blue aquamarines, these stones are not recommended to be constantly worn by Gemini. It is believed that white and black noble opal is undesirable for Gemini to wear. Red garnet should be avoided, as it leads the conflicting representatives of the sign to excessive excitement and can cause them anxiety.

When choosing a talisman for yourself, astrologers advise that the stone must be in contact with the owner, for example, by touching the skin in the jewelry. Try to choose a gemstone without inclusions or with a small amount (after all, natural stones are rarely ideal). The strength of such stones will be much higher than that of fractured ones.

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