How To Distinguish A Man's Ring From A Woman's?

Often, jewelry design does not make it clear whether the ring is male or female. But determining this parameter is actually not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You should not rely on the advice provided by the consultant. His task is to make a sale, not to help you with effective advice.

Jewelsformen store offers a wide range of inexpensive men's silver and gold rings. Below will be given the main criteria that are guaranteed to make it possible to distinguish a woman's ring from a man's.

Using Stone Color As A Gender Criterion

The fact is that jewelers use different: precious; semi-precious; non-precious (bijouterie), stones for decorating rings. There is an easy way to understand who the ring was originally made for. If the jewelry has a light stone. It can be argued that it was intended exclusively for women. Conversely, dark stones are more characteristic of men's rings. But this is far from the main criterion by which you can determine the gender of jewelry. Rings are finger jewelry. At the same time, the size of the fingers of a man is much larger than that of a woman. It can also be considered an effective parameter by which to conclude in favor of the sex of the jewelry.

Engraving Style

Even if the design does not give a clear idea of ​​whom the accessory is made for. But if there is an engraving on its surface (no matter what is written on the ring), it can become an additional way to identify gender. If the letters are made in a fluid and stretching, soft manner, the ring is more suitable for a woman. Regardless of what information the engraving carries. Firstly, the form catches the eye, and only then the meaning. Men's engraving is done with quite plain font, which is intended not to decorate a piece of jewelry, but exclusively to convey information.


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