White gold - What is it? Is it worth buying?

For a long time, people have been familiar with the yellow metal with amazing properties. Is this gold. They worshiped him, prayed, went to war, killed. Now gold is used as a means of accumulation and savings, jewelry making, in industry.

In its pure form, gold is used for investment, but alloys with other metals have made it possible to create interesting compositions. In the process of alloys, rose gold, green and white colors appeared. The latter is preferred by jewelers for creating jewelry from precious stones.

What is White Gold?

It is an alloy containing gold and other components that give gold its white color, such as platinum, palladium, silver, nickel. On the counters of jewelry stores you can find items made of 14 and 18-karat white gold. It is especially popular with jewelers due to its property - gold is more durable, so precious stones can be fixed in it more reliably. Several variants of gold can be used in one product, but it is white that will frame the stone. In addition to its properties, the popularity of gold is associated with fashion trends. White gold items are considered more noble and refined, which emphasizes the status of a person and his condition.

Is it worth buying?

In its pure form, gold is not used to make jewelry. It is so soft that a pure gold ring can deform with a simple handshake. Soft metal cannot support complex geometric shapes, and its color has a yellowish tint. For the manufacture of products, other metals are added to gold in order to improve its properties.

For several years now there has been a concept that white gold is nobler than yellow. It should be noted here that the nobility of a metal depends on its purity (karat), and not as a color. The higher the purity, the greater the proportion of gold.

White gold eliminates allergic reactions, since platinum and palladium have already been added to it. Platinum is the ideal ingredient for making white gold. It gives a touch of natural nobility and strength. White gold with platinum is used to create jewelry with precious stones, especially diamonds. The pallor of gold emphasizes the transparency of the stone, its beauty and moonlit shine.

White gold is truly universal. It goes with any clothing, any skin type, hair or eye color, and demanded by the richest people for its cool and majestic appearance.


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