Gothic Jewelry: Detailed Guide

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How much do you know about Gothic jewelry? In this article, we will present a guide to gothic jewels. By reading our article, you can learn about everything.

Many people mistakenly believe that the Gothic is a modern style, but actually such jewelry was designed in the Middle Ages. Jewelry of that time was massive, ripped and usually carried a kind of symbolic content, that is inherent to cultural traditions of the Middle Ages. 

Features of Gothic jewelry

The range of Gothic style jewelry includes massive gothic rings in the form of skulls, animal heads, fangs; large heavy necklaces with crosses; earrings and bracelets decorated with spikes, swords and much more. ... Besides onyx, you can often see rubies and emeralds in gothic jewelry

The term Gothic jewelry has several kinds that sometimes contradicts with each other. Pieces made in these styles – are the most beautiful, spectacular, elegant and refined decorations. Most often, all these jewels are created manually, using white pearls, as well as lace patterns.

Androgyn Goth – is the typical representative of what people mean by ornaments in the Gothic style. Most often, these products are asexual in appearance – collars, spikes, bandages, solid ring, for example, for the entire phalanx. Each jewel is of this area is complemented by “classical” Gothic symbolism.

And the last line of the Gothic style – Vampyre Goth, which has a clear focus vampire. This style is associated with the dark side of life, death and the afterlife. The most common jewelry of this line have cobweb image, bats and other attributes of vampire existence.

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