Peridot: August Birthstone Meaning

The meaning of the name Peridot comes from the French word 'peritot' which is believed to come from an Arabic word 'faridat', which means precious stone.

It has also been called as 'poor mans Emerald'. Its ancient name was Olivin, and this was related to its color, although the color may range from a light yellow green or lime green color through to the darker olive green shade. They are quite rare in nature, but people managed to find them all the way in space! Peridot crystals were found in a sample of space dust from the Stardust probe.

General Characteristics 

The first mentions of peridot date back three and a half thousand years. Ancient papruses described these green stones on the island of Saint John. The inhabitants of the island were forced to mine peridots to make talismans for the pharaoh's treasury. Apparently the jewels shone so much that the miners worked not only for days but also for nights to please the ruler. Today peridot is the national gemstone of Egypt.

Peridot is a transparent green gemstone resembling an emerald. Some test stones have pleochroism, meaning they change their color in the direction of lighting. The property depends on the iron content in minerals, the deeper the green of the stone, the less iron there is.
Peridots are usually more yellow than emeralds. They have an almost glossy grease and are less hard than the complementary noble ones. On the Mohs scale, it is estimated at 6.5 or 7.

Healing Properties

Peridot gemstones are potent healing crystals for you to have in your life. Their preeminent benefit is their strong energy, that comes like a beam of sunshine into your life.
The energy of these green stones also bring improved emotional health, and may help to create an increase in love and joy in your life. Its powerful action to manifest an increase in the flow of money is amazing. It is a very effective stone to manifest growth in your abundance and prosperity.

You will see on the birthstone list by month that Peridot is an August birthstone, as well as a September and October birthstone. Whether you wear it as jewelry, or as a piece of stone kept on your body, it embodies a lovely energy that has the potential to make anyone feel happier and more positive. 

Peridot Jewelry

To our surprise, peridot jewelry is not popular at all. These stones may be less precious than diamonds or emeralds, but they are definitely noteworthy and cheaper. Their bright, joyful color makes them perfect raw materials for summer and spring collections. Peridots look great in combination with both gold and silver. They are also great company for other gemstones. 

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