What are rings with colored stones suitable for?

The fashion for minimalism has replaced large rings with colored stones for a while. And wrongly! These accessories beautifully decorate male hands and perfectly enliven any stylization. It is worth considering them especially in the summer, but they are perfect complementing an outfit at any time of the year. See what these fantastic jewelry pieces fit with.

Loose outfits for hot weather

Rings with stones in various colors perfectly match typical summer outfits - patterned shirts, loose pants, sport or casual shorts in bright colors. In this case, they perfectly complement the outfit, giving it even more slack combined with an effortless style. It is worth thinking about stones in various shades of blue here - after all, see colors are the very essence of summer!

   skull ring

Business outfit with an original touch

However, this type of jewelry will also perfectly match official business suits or shirts in subdued colors. Then they will be an element that attracts attention, breaking the monotony and giving the creation an individual character. With this type of outfits, however, it is worth maintaining moderation when it comes to jewelry, so as not to be exposed to comments that our outfit is too flashy or inappropriate. So it's best to settle for a single stone ring and/or add a mix of leather bracelets with color-matched stone beaded bracelets. Rings can also play a similar role in toned-down evening outfits. The original element of jewelry with stones will add charm to every black suit.

Casual outfits

Although large rings with stones are quite decorative, we can also easily wear them with jeans and a sweater or a simple shorts and T-shirt. Then their role will be the same as in business clothes - they will discreetly emphasize our individual style and character. It is a great idea to choose an ornament with a stone to match the color of the eyes, but we can also choose a ring with a very bright color, which will be eye-catching and attract the eyes of passers-by. This is the perfect way to avoid monotony!


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