Gems suitable for Libra men

Astrology gives only general recommendations which of the Libra talismans according to the horoscope can be considered masculine. So, for example, tourmaline is undoubtedly suitable for Libra men by date of birth. Among the many color varieties of the mineral, verdelite, indigolite and tourmaline stand out in particular. These stones protect from enemies, increase wealth and help in the career. One of the most effective and powerful magical assistants - amulets - is a diamond. To achieve your goals, look for a copy of aquamarine for yourself. Also, amethyst and ruby ​​are considered to be reliable amulets for men of Libra according to the sign of the zodiac. And do not forget about the natural precious sapphire - the blue variety will undoubtedly have a beneficial effect as a talisman and amulet.

Unfavorable stones for Libra

It is not easy to answer the question of which stones are undesirable and even unfavorable for Libra, men and women, since everything is individual. From the general recommendations, sardonyx and serpentine stand out. Jet and hematite should also be avoided. However, if you love jewelry with these stones, you shouldn't deny yourself the pleasure of wearing them.


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