Gold Hallmark 14K (585)

When shopping for gold jewelry, a refined choice is a balance between value and wearability. Before buying, many people ask themselves: "What is the most popular gold hallmark?" or "What's the difference between 10K and 14K gold?".

So let's take 14K gold under the microscope and turn these questions into confidence and concrete knowledge

The fineness of 14K (585) gold contains 58.5% pure gold. The fineness of 14K (585) gold can also be expressed in carats. 14K gold contains 14/24 pure gold, which is why it is also referred to as 14 carat gold.

14K (585) gold is by far the most-chosen hallmark all over the world. Why? There are three important reasons!
1. 14K gold is distinguished by good strength parameters.
2. The color and brilliance of 14K gold is identical to gold of 18K, 22K, and even 24K.
3. Affordable price also speaks in favor of choosing 14K gold.

At first glance, 14K gold does not differ significantly from the 10K.
10K gold is more durable, although it loses its intense shine and color more easily over time. The lower the pure gold content automatically means cheaper jewelry.
14K gold is the perfect compromise between longevity (including resistance of gold to abrasion and any deformation), excellent appearance and value itself.

High durability. In relation to 18K gold and the gold of an even higher fineness, 14K gold shows higher resistance to abrasions, deformations, scratches and other mechanical damage. Importantly, 14K gold retains its color for many years (of course, if we do not use aggressive detergents).

Utility. 14K gold is an excellent choice for people who wear gold jewelry frequently or only occasionally.
Color. 14K gold is available in traditional yellow, as well as pink, white and even black. The color of gold depends on the additives and their proportions used in the alloy.

The gold hallmark is a measurement which determines the absolute gold content of a specific alloy, expressed in parts per milli or carat (abbreviation "kt" or "ct").
Hallmarks of gold are official, unified international values ​​that are used by the entire jewelry industry. It is worth adding that the carat measure is much more common in the United States than in Europe, where it is rather used for diamonds.

In addition to the appearance of the jewelry itself, this information is a key to making a decision about buying a ring, chain, bracelet or other jewelry product.

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