Gems suitable for Scorpio men

Under the influence of the planet Mars, those born under the sign of Scorpio, people have a strong-willed and purposeful character. The article lists the stones recommended for this sign. Find your mascot!

Scorpio men, despite their masculinity and belligerence, also need protection and support, like women. Astrologers recommend them scarlet stones: spinel, ruby, garnet.

Ruby, like a diamond, will give strength and energy due to its rich magical properties, it is a stone of winners and leaders.

Tourmalines are a reliable mascot for the Scorpio man in business, finance and commerce, helping to direct the focus of attention to making money, building opportunities and creating new partnerships. 

According to the horoscope, topaz (of any color) is considered another auspicious stone amulet for a Scorpio man.

What stones should Scorpio avoid?

When pointing out unwanted stones for Scorpio, astrologers emphasize that this is very general information, and an individual approach is required here. The data are contradictory, esotericists often disagree, since if a person himself chose this stone, and he is comfortable with it, then this instance suits him in terms of energy. In general, in esoteric teachings, pearls are mentioned as an unsuitable gem for a sign. Agate and amber should also be worn with care in jewelry.

If you are thinking about choosing a talisman, remember the main rule: you must like the gem. And even if it is not in the list of suitable stones, listen to your inner voice! 


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