Gold Hallmark 18K (750)

The color of gold 18K is warm and deep, but does not differ significantly from the fineness of 14K, 22K or 24K. Please note that the color has no effect on the content of pure gold in the bullion. Before buying a ring, a necklace or other jewelry, we often ask ourselves the following question: "Is it worth buying 18K gold?"

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The designation of the fineness of gold tells about its content in the alloy. All you need to do is put a comma in front of the last digit and read the percentage of pure gold. So: the fineness of 750 (18K) gold contains 75.0% pure gold. The fineness of gold can also be expressed in carats.
Stamp 750 is 18 carat gold because it contains 18/24 pure ore in jewelry.
The gold hallmark is most often stamped on the inside of rings, and on the fasteners of bracelets, chains, necklaces. They are usually marked with the symbol 18K (750).

The gold of the 750 test is distinguished by:
Durability. Gold 18K (750) is slightly less durable and abrasion resistant than gold 14K (585) or 10K (333). For this reason, 18K gold jewelry uses metal admixtures to increase the durability of the jewelry. It is worth remembering that pure gold (24-carat) is practically not used for making jewelry, because it is too soft, and thus would often deform.
18K gold color. The color of 18K fine gold depends on the place where the ore was extracted, the production techniques used and, above all, the metals used in a given alloy. The color of 18K gold is warm and deep, but does not differ much visibly from the fineness of 14K (585), 22K (850), or 24K (999). It should be remembered that the color, however, has no effect on the content of pure gold in the gold. 18K gold in jewelry is most often presented in the classic yellow color, as well as white and pink.
The price of 18K gold is obviously higher than gold 10K (417) and 14K (585).

Certainly yes. However, it is worth considering the purpose of the jewelry. If we wear it every day, exposing it to contact with detergents or deformations, e.g. due to the work performed, it is better to choose 14K gold (585).
If, however, we do office work, we can buy, for example, gold wedding rings made of 18K (750) gold. Of course, the same applies to jewelry that we will wear occasionally. It is also worth remembering about the value of the gold itself of a higher quality and prestige.


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