Men's Skull Ring in 10k Yellow Gold with Brown Tiger's Eye Natural Stone Biker Ring

  • $380.00

Metal: 10k Yellow Gold

Tiger's eye*: dimensions -1.3cm x 1.8cm 

                     shape - Rectangle cabochon

                     setting type - Bezel setting and adhesive

*Stone may vary in tone or pattern. Please allow for these natural variations.

Product weight:  8.00 gr

Outfit your inner vagabond with the ultimate in biker jewelry! This skull has you looking bad to the bone with brown tiger's eye stone set in 10k yellow gold. Take to the road in style!


Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared - an “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” thought to grant a wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors. It was chosen by the Egyptians for the eyes in their deity statues to express divine vision, and was believed to provide the protection of the sun and earth combined. Roman soldiers carried it to deflect weapons and to be brave in battle. It has been highly regarded throughout history as a stone of prosperity and good fortune, protecting one’s resources and reflecting back malice or threats from others.

This marvelous stone of the Golden Ray is still as captivating as it was in the past, with chatoyant layers that dance like shafts of light through a dense forest. It is warm and radiant, synthesizing the frequencies of Sun and Earth, bringing stability and awareness while integrating the spiritual with the physical realms.

Keep Tiger’s Eye as a stone of luck and good fortune to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and those setting out in business for the first time; also for those building up skills and a knowledge base for major career changes in the future. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of practicality and balance, remarkable for soothing tensions in families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord. It promotes harmony between people with diverse viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life to see both sides of an issue and find common ground. It is a marvelous talisman for professional mediators, as well as anyone going through difficult negotiations.

Tiger’s Eye is the birthstone of Gemini: May 21 - June 20.

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