Tibetan Agate 8mm Smooth Round Bead Mens Bracelet with Gold Plated Silver Dumbbell Bead

  • $38.00

Metal: Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver

Silver Symbol: Dumbbell

Stone: 8mm Natural Tibet Agate (Dzi bead)

Size: adjustable 7" to 8.7" (18 cm to 22 cm)

Utilizing a sliding 925 silver lock with braided macrame string, the bracelet is easy to put on and take off.This unique design is handcrafted with great attention to the details using high-quality materials.

*Tibetan Agate is an all-round healing gemstone. It is known for healing the mind, body and spirit, and healing and organizing surrounding environments.It has a stabilizing effect on the body, cleansing at the physical and emotional level.This agate in particular produces strength, power and courage, enhances truthfulness and brings forth understanding.

Tibetan Agates are also known as Tibetan Dzi agates. Dzi (pronounced as zeeee…) originating from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains.
In Tibetan, this word can simply be translated as “splendor, brightness and shine”.The dZi is said to possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers.
They often bring fantastic good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health to the owner as well.
Wearing the powerful dzi is believed to dissipate negativity.

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