Gems suitable for the Aquarius men

For an Aquarius man, the main thing is to overcome the indecision inherent in this sign and begin to act. For this, astrologers advise wearing talismans in jewelry that give self-confidence.

It is believed that according to the horoscope, several precious and semi-precious stones are suitable for Aquarius men, including sapphires, garnet, topaz, tourmaline.

Garnet gives rise to persistence and determination in a person. This stone sets a man up for decisive action, reveals masculine features that make him attractive to women.

For a positive attitude, an optimistic outlook on the world, according to astrologers, you need a precious blue sapphire. It will make your life more spiritual, whole. People around you become kinder to you, more lenient towards shortcomings, if you have this talisman on.

Astrologers recommend that you have several stones in your jewelry wardrobe - magical helpers that match your date of birth, which can be worn alternately or periodically. In this case, they will harmoniously maintain different areas of life in balance, strengthen relationships with people, strengthen connections, protect and attract good luck into your life.

Unfavorable stones for Aquarius

In addition to the recommended stones that are favorable for Aquarius according to the horoscope, astrologers identify a list of stones that Aquarius should wear with care. They are considered unfavorable for constant wear.

This list includes stones related to the fire element: rich orange sapphire, quartz, fiery red ruby. Also, an unfavorable gem for this zodiac sign is recognized by astrologers as a fiery orange-red opal.


You can choose a stone for Aquarius in the catalog of our website, following the recommendations of astrologers or your preferences


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