3 Do's and Don'ts for Men Jewelries

Rules should be specifically for curbing crimes, or ensuring concordance, so why should you need them for something as simple as fashion? First, the do's and don'ts when choosing jewelry for men are not rules. They are basically what you should watch for so your choice makes you stand out while not having a thing on your confidence. A minute read from here and you can be sure to change your men's jewelry game!

Wear Jewelry with confidence

It is one thing to put up a piece of jewelry, it is another to wear it with confidence. Not everything can be worn, but nearly everything can be won with confidence. It is not uncommon for many men to feel uncomfortable wearing jewelry since they assume it's a woman's thing. What's true is, the importance of confidence when you put on that men's signet ring or men's Cuban link bracelet is the same as the brilliance and styles that the stones exude. So, when next you're stepping out in your gold ring, do it with the confidence that betters it shines.

Don't forget the environment you're in

Your environment matters in your choice of jewelry. A gold ring for example would be too outlandish when you are attending a funeral, a smartwatch with all the tech bullets may also not be best for a dinner. Adorning a Curb chain or men's rose gold ring may not be appropriate if you work in a cooperating organization. Evaluating your environment can help you make the best choice of jewelry for every occasion.

man chain necklaces

Wear according to size

As are clothes and footwear, jewelry also comes in sizes, and you should only buy and wear what fits. That a piece of jewelry looks good, doesn't mean it will fit just great! If you're 6'5 and weighs over 250lbs, wearing a thin men's gold bracelet that cuts into your wrist is the wrong choice. Your mantra when opting for stones should be to go for what fits, ahead of what looks good on display.


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