A few words about giving and accepting expensive gifts (including jewelry)

When accepting an expensive gift, should you repay an equally expensive gift? What should I do if I receive a high-value gift?

Gifts that cause embarrassment

Even though receiving gifts is associated only with positive emotions, it can cause great embarrassment. It appears mainly when the value of the received gift exceeds the individual financial capacity. The person accepting an expensive gift feels in a way obliged to repay an equally expensive gift. Is it right?

By accepting a gift given without an occasion (regardless of its price), you undertake to repay it with an equally nice and sincere gesture. This does not mean that you should pay the same for the gift you are going to repay. The value of your gift should be adjusted to your abilities. Do not spend the last money just to fulfill the obligation imposed on you.

Instead, look for another way to please the other person. If you've been working a lot lately, take the time off and spend a few days only with your partner. In this way, you will devote to him something that is most valuable to you, i.e. your free time. Remember that accepting expensive gifts also shows that you take someone seriously. If you don't intend to build a lasting relationship, don't accept expensive gifts or send the wrong signals.

How should gifts (including jewelry) be presented?

Are there rules for the giving of expensive gifts (including jewelry)? How should this be done to make the recipient feel special? Regardless of what gift you are going to give, do it when no one disturbs you and you have a moment only to yourself. In this way, you will be able to send your loved ones wishes without rushing, observe their reactions and have a short conversation about the gift.

If you notice that the gift has caused embarrassment because of its great value, explain that the decision to buy it is in line with your financial possibilities. On the other hand, if a loved one continues to refuse the gift despite your assurances, do not put pressure on them, but talk to them honestly. Find out the real reason for the refusal and react in a polite, elegant way.

Do you have your own way of giving expensive gifts? How do you behave when you receive a gift that is too valuable for you? Share your experiences.


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