Gold Jewelry Hallmarks & Stamps Guide

Looking for a guide to gold hallmarks and stamps? We explain in detail for you. Using this guide, you can learn the meaning of numbers and values.

Stamps that mean your piece IS gold:

  • A plain 14K stamp (14K gold hallmark)
  • 14K P (the “P” stands for plumb gold)
  • 14K with a company logo after such as 14K JFM
  • 417 stamp: 10K gold hallmark, means 41.7% gold
  • 585 stamp: 14K gold hallmark, means 58.5% gold
  • 750 stamp: 18K gold hallmark, means 75% gold
  • 917 stamp: 22K gold hallmark, means 91.7% gold
  • 999 stamp: 24K gold hallmark, means 99.9% gold

Aside from the stamps or lack thereof, there are a couple other ways you (or most likely a jeweler) will be able to tell if the piece is gold:

  1. If the piece is tarnished or discolored in a way that’s not typical of gold (certain gold can discolor)
  2. By the weight (gold is very dense and therefore it should weigh more than any other non-gold piece of the same size)


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