How to choose your stone?

The stones are able to store and transfer energy to the owner, as well as take on negative emotions. For this process to be harmonious, it is important that the energy of a person and a stone does not conflict.

How can you find the very stone that is perfect for you? It's recommended to take into account not only your zodiac sign, but also the nature of the stone, its element and properties. It is also important to feel your compatibility with a particular gem - inner intuition will help with this.

By zodiac sign

Aries - diamond, crystal, citrine will enhance leadership qualities and natural charisma.
Taurus - sapphire will make you act; aventurine, agate, turquoise will soothe.
Gemini - alexandrite will improve your well-being; malachite and jade will soften the character.
Cancer - jasper will save you from mental trauma; turquoise, ruby, aquamarine will increase energy.
Leo - diamond, alexandrite energize; amber, cat's eye and sardonyx will protect.
Virgo - lapis lazuli, carnelian and chrysolite will improve personal life; jasper and onyx will become amulets.
Libra - lapis lazuli and opal will give decisiveness; tourmaline, ruby, topaz will bring good luck.
Scorpio - opal will suppress aggression; pomegranate, hematite and carnelian will help protect against ill-wishers.
Sagittarius - turquoise, topaz and chrysolite will protect the gullible Sagittarius from deception; amethyst and ruby will help promote health.
Capricorn - opal, garnet and ruby will add sociability; agate and crystal will attract good luck.
Aquarius - sapphire and pomegranate will help bring things to an end; amethyst and aquamarine will soften selfishness; agate will attract love and wealth.
Pisces - the moonstone will help in your career and personal life; pearls and amethyst will awaken inner confidence.

By element of the zodiac sign

For fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) suitable colorless stones with a shining brilliance, for example, diamonds. Transparent stones of a red-yellow palette and blue-violet shades (ruby, sapphire) will also be useful. It is better to choose products for fire signs in a gold frame.

Representatives of signs whose elements are Earth (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo) should choose stones that are opaque and evenly colored as amulets. Minerals of brown, gray, black and green shades (jade, malachite, turquoise, jasper) are suitable. It is better if the stones are set in silver.

For air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius), it is recommended to choose translucent stones for talismans. The main palette of minerals is blue, yellow, white and green shades (carnelian, amazonite, chrysoprase, quartz). Stones are best worn in combination with gold.

For those who belong to the signs of the water element (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer), muted stones are suitable as amulets, as well as minerals of marine origin (pearls, coral) and with the effect of pleochroism, when the shade changes depending on the intensity of lighting (opal, alexandrite). It is necessary to choose stones of blue and green colors, as well as white and gray shades. In this case, any metal of the setting can be.


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