Men's Chains: Kinds And How To Choose

Men like jewelry - that's a fact. Although it is associated mainly with women, and the jewelry industry is customer-oriented, gentlemen are equally eager to wear accessories that display their features and emphasize their status. This is confirmed, among other things, by the multitude of male chain styles.

Designs Of Men's Chains

Here are some of the most popular weaves. They cannot be forgotten when discussing the designs of men's chains.

The Byzantine (royal) weave consists of many links connected to each other in a system where each of them passes through four others.

Armored (cuban / curb)flattened links are connected individually. Simple, universal and well-liked. It owes its name to the château appearance. As for the designs of men's chains, this one is the most popular.

Figaro is a variation of the armadillo - in this pattern every fourth link is longer. Thanks to this, the chain acquires an original look.

Anker - the name comes from the English anchor, and the strand itself resembles the chains used on ships and is characterized by a simple structure - square or round meshes connected at right angles.

Bismark - the name refers to Otto von Bismarck, who liked such chains. The weave consists of a combination of several rows of interconnected links. This creates one wide chain that looks especially interesting when we combine gold and silver.

The Thickness And Length

When choosing a chain, you should pay attention to the physical components of the owner. If the man is large, then the chain should be matched, rather thick weaving, and if he is more average body type or lean, then the chain is correspondingly thinner.

The average thickness of men's chains is from 4 to 6 mm (0.16" to 0.23"), and the average optimal length is 50-60 cm (20"-23"). If a man is of lean constitution, then a chain with a length of 40-45 cm (16-18") is more suitable for him, for a medium constitution man - 45-55 cm (18"-21"), for large and muscular man - 55 cm (21") and longer. If wearing a pendant on a chain is not supposed, then you can choose a chain 2-3 mm (0.08"-0.11") thick for the teenagers and lean men.

Chains with a thickness of 4-5 mm (0.16"-0.19") are considered the most common and practical. They can be combined with the pendants, this thickness is universal and will suit almost every man. And chains from 6 mm and above are already considered a massive accessory, they often have large links and voluminous weaving. Most often, they are given the advantage of a large man.


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