Ring Resizing

The need to change the size of the ring may appear both immediately after the purchase, as a result of choosing the wrong size, and after many years of wearing it. The most common cause is a change in weight, which makes the ring too small or too big, and then there is a risk of losing it if you wear it. Resizing the ring is not difficult and a skilled goldsmith can handle it without any problems, but it is worth bearing in mind that it will not always be possible without compromising the jewelry.

First of all, not all rings are suitable for reduction or it is much more difficult and may affect their appearance later. The rings that are completely encrusted with precious stones are a major obstacle. In this case, the price to be paid to reduce the ring may be higher, as the goldsmith may have a lot more work to do. Also in the case of a personalization like an engraving, changing the size is not so easy - it may be damaged, or if it covers the entire rim an engraving may have to be made anew.

Also, rings made of different types of metals are much more difficult to reduce. In one word, the simpler the design, the easier it will be to reduce the ring, and the more fanciful, the more difficult, and sometimes even impossible. The goldsmith usually informs about changes that can occur in the jewelry, but if he does not do so for some reason, it is worth asking, so as not to be surprised at the final result.


It's simple - just when it's too small or too big. As long as it does not affect the wearing comfort, it is also a simple and quick solution for saving jewelry that has become too thin in some place and may break. Sometimes, however, instead of deciding to resize the ring, for fear of excessive interference in its form, it is worth trying to change the finger on which the ring is worn, as long as it is not an engagement ring or wedding ring.

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