Ruby: July Birthstone Meaning

How to write briefly about the long history of ruby? Let's start with the fact that this gem is mentioned 4 times in the Scriptures, recognizing ruby, out of 12 precious stones, as the most valuable! Since the 6th century, the ruby ​​has been systematically mined in Burma and has since become one of the most coveted gems by rulers around the world.


Ruby symbolizes ardent love, desire and power. According to legends, ruby ​​also has the power to transform bad moods into positive energy, protects against fires and the vagaries of fate. It also symbolizes the 40th wedding anniversary, so a ruby ​​in a ring is a perfect gift for a ruby ​​wedding.


Ruby as a corundum stone is very hard and resistant to mechanical damage. In this respect, it ranks just behind the diamond. Ruby is distinguished by a glassy sheen and characteristic white features. This beautiful stone comes out in the form of hexagonal crystals. Most often it can be found in igneous rocks, and sometimes also in marble as a mineral. A ruby ​​never loses its color.


Rubies delight with the depth of color, which, depending on the origin, composition and processing of the stone, comes in various shades: from delicate pink, through red, to dark burgundy. The most valuable rubies are distinguished by: dark red color in intense and deeply saturated shades, raspberry color and the so-called star effect (asterism).

red ruby ring gift for man

Ruby in jewelry. Our jewelry brings out all the beauty from rubies set in stunning and elegant men's rings. The ruby ​​in jewelry blends in delightfully with yellow and white gold and takes on a special glow in the presence of other gemstones. As a single jewel, they exude the depth of their fiery color, combining spectacular brilliance with classic elegance.

Do you know that… According to historical sources, since the 6th century, ruby ​​has been one of the most coveted gemstones by rulers around the world? Why? The answer is simple. Royal red and purple are symbols of the eternal power given by God. That is why ruby ​​could be admired in crowns, royal insignia, signet rings and rings of queens.

Ruby Gemstones are often gifted as a mark of undying Love. So, it is a good gift for birthday, anniversary or Father’s Day.


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