How to Care of Gold-Plated Jewelry?

Among jewelry products, gold-plated jewelry plays an important role. Many people are interested in buying valuables that look like a gold jewel, but are much cheaper than it.

Gold-plated jewelry is a real spectrum of possibilities! Here on you can choose from a wide range of gold-plated rings, necklaces and chains. Countless patterns, beautifully and intricately designed, with a large symbolic range, will make sure that everyone will be able to find a product intended for themselves or for the person they want to give. 

How to care for gold-plated jewelry?

In order for gold-plated jewelry to serve you for years and to remain unchanged, you should take care of it with caution.

It is worth getting a special cloth, intended for polishing jewelry. The cloth must be dry, and you should clean your gold-plated accessories gently. In principle, contact with water should be avoided, and jewelry should not be taken in the bathtub or in the pool. Commonly used cleaning agents, especially chlorine, can destroy the gold coating and cause discoloration and blackening.

It is also worth getting a jewelry box for storage. It should be padded with a soft fabric. Likewise, it would also be great if it had compartments and drawers so that you could keep each piece of jewelry separate from the rest of the jewelry. Under no circumstances should you keep jewelry in the bathroom. The humidity there can quickly destroy jewelries.


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