Men's engagement and wedding rings with colored stones

The decision to choose specific wedding rings should be preceded by learning basic information about them and a thorough analysis of your own needs. The effort put into it will bring satisfaction for many years. So what do you need to remember when choosing wedding and engagement rings? What is worth knowing about them?

What to consider before buying?

It is worth starting your search by considering the features of your dream models. Think about whether you like classic yellow gold bands or richly decorated rings. The assortment of gemstones is really diverse. In the classic version, the stone should be a diamond. The triumphant ascent of the diamond to the jewelry Olympus originates in the scripts of Hollywood films. Their heroes, performed by popular actors and actresses, have extolled engagement rings with diamonds for many decades. Despite the indisputable advantages and beauty of a diamond, a huge number of jewelry stones are suitable for making a ring for an engagement and wedding. Real abundance and freedom of choice!

There is a category of colored gemstones, most in demand for the manufacture of engagement and wedding stones. The most popular: blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds weighing from 3 to 10 carats. For a selection, take a look at our catalog.

Up to the meteorites arriving from the depths of space! You can choose the stone of the month of your birth, the sign of the zodiac as the central stone for the engagement ring, navigate in relation to magical and astrological properties, or use the language of symbols.

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When to order wedding rings?

Although the date of ordering the wedding rings should be set by you, we encourage you not to leave it until the last minute. During the wedding season, the time of their implementation and corrections may be extended, but if you order them in advance, you will not have to worry about it. So get to know the declared deadlines and place your order in time.

Personalization - yes or no?

The vast majority of future bride and groom decide to personalize their rings in the form of engraving. The most frequently chosen ones are as follows: date (first meeting or wedding), lovers' names (or initials), confessions of love, geographic coordinates (place of the first meeting or wedding) etc.

Engravings are made with the use of specialized lasers, thanks to which they are durable and aesthetic looking. By enriching wedding rings with engraving, you can easily give them a personalized character.

Among the many design options, there is sure to be the one you are looking for. You can order your marriage or engagement ring here at We will personalize it just for you, taking into account all your preferences!


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