Watch and bracelets - The best combinations

Nowadays, watches are often so decorative that they successfully replace jewelry on their own. But what if we are tempted to choose a stylish bracelet for the timepiece? Or do we feel that the watch is so simple and modest that it could be supplemented with an additional ornament on the hand? Can we afford to wear both a watch and a bracelet on one wrist? The answer is not clear-cut - it depends.

When not to wear a bracelet?

When we decide on a very decorative watch, for example with a thick bracelet, stones or intricate decorations, putting on an additional ornament would be an exaggeration. It would give the impression of fairly market splendor, and this effect should be avoided at all costs. However, if we focus on a classic, fairly simple watch, nothing prevents you from pairing it with a bracelet or even a few bracelets. Such combinations are not only allowed, but also help to show your own style and express yourself. In a word - they make our stylization not boring.

Gold or silver watches with bracelets

If we wear a gold or silver watch, it is worth choosing a bracelet of the same color with it. And remember that it is also about its shade. If a watch is styled as antique, it won't look good with a modern bracelet that shines with an intense silver glow. Similarly, a classic yellow gold timepiece will not match a pale gold bracelet. To sum up: it is best to match the watch with decorations of a similar shade of the same color.

Gold and silver watches are best combined with very subtle, classic accessories. Bracelets with a pendant, simple chains or models with very small stones will work well here. It is important that they are not flashy and richly decorated - in this type of compositions the watch is to play the main role. We can combine one selected bracelet with it, but we can also try to put on even a few - of course, provided that they are delicate and subdued.

Watches on a leather strap

When we choose a watch with a leather strap, nothing stands in the way of a bolder and less elegant piece of jewelry. We can also combine this type of watch with a gold or silver bracelet, but models made of small beads, fabric, string or even leather with studs will also work well. Here, however, it is also better to put on a few thinner bracelets instead of putting on one thick one that will distract from the watch.


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