What jewelry to choose for a business meeting?

Photos taken during a business meeting are tools for building an image, gaining customer sympathy and trust, and distinguishing yourself from the competition. Therefore, you need to prepare well for them and carefully choose each element of the outfit. Today we will focus only on jewelry, and we will offer you some perfect products.

Why should customers choose you?

Business photos can help advance your career, but only if they're professional and real. In order to create such impressions, it is worth using the support of a talented photographer, be inspired by his concept, but also have your own idea for the course of the meeting. So think about what potential customers who see your photos for the first time on your company's website, in the footer or in your social media profile should think.

Try to answer the question of why customers should choose you. Collect all your experiences, skills and traits. Choose those that are most important to you and thanks to which you can offer cooperation at the highest level. Then do a wardrobe overview and look for clothes and accessories that reflect your personality.

Do you want your clients to recognize you as a down-to-earth, confident, professional and experienced person after seeing the photos from the meeting? Dress neatly, focusing on classic, neutral colors, and complete the look with an elegant watch or cufflinks in a timeless shade. Is this accent enough?

Standard or less formal business meeting?

In the case of a standard meeting, the jewelry should complement the image and harmonize perfectly with other elements of the outfit, makeup, hairstyle or body posture. It is better to opt for proven, safe solutions - so instead of richly decorated, eye-catching necklaces, choose a classic watch or a minimalist bracelet. Thanks to this, the whole thing will look consistent and professional.

Can you allow yourself to deviate from this rule? If the business meeting is less formal, try experimenting with your image. Check how the reception of photography will change when you exchange elegant, classic elements for casual accessories. Get the help of a photographer and his suggestions. During all stages of the meeting, be yourself, thanks to which the effects of cooperation will satisfy both parties.


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